EP Business in Hospitality has been developed to provide thought leadership to the Hospitality industry as well as communicate the benefits of the Hospitality sector to a wider audience. EP talks to industry leaders and discusses with them the issues confronting the industry. EP’s communications should appeal to leaders and original thinkers as well as anyone interested in Hospitality today.

EP’s portfolio of activities also includes B2B facilitation, organising events, senior executive recruitment and industry partnerships.

Will London Become the First Fair Pay City in the World?
This is our hope and aim.
Event on the 21st of November 8:30am-11am Central London

Final call: how will the advancement of technology & AI change the face of the industry in the next five years?


The health and well-being industry: a growing opportunity for food products and restaurants


Welcome to Katie Wilson ...
As we start to cast our eyes towards the start of 2024, EP is delighted to welcome Katie Wilson, a talented young writer who will be tasked to help develop the stories of the industry through new eyes.

Becoming a Digital Nomad: Is this the key to the freedoms of remote working?


Quick response time: a saving grace or secret pitfall?

The EP Accelerator Programme

Applications close in 7 days


In the face of rising costs, has sustainable procurement become little more than a pipedream? Ollie Brand, CEO at Zupa, investigates…

Is Sustainable Procurement Still a Goal?


Is it time we start thinking smaller?

New Progressive Narratives Emerging All Across the Industry


Is it better if we disagree?

The time when conflict is conducive to effective work


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