EP Business in Hospitality has been developed to provide thought leadership to the Hospitality industry as well as communicate the benefits of the Hospitality sector to a wider audience. EP talks to industry leaders and discusses with them the issues confronting the industry. EP’s communications should appeal to leaders and original thinkers as well as anyone interested in Hospitality today.

As part of EP’s commitment to the Hospitality industry we are delighted to announce that we are supporting Sprung Collective, a new food service consultancy founded by James Greetham. https://www.sprungcollective.com/

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  • Reinvention
    Founding Principles: Strong cultures = increased productivity and innovation = increased profit. People are important and the key differential to any business. However good AI is, people still buy people. It is important for new leaders to emerge. The importance...
  • Food at the Heart of Culture #FuellingProductivity
    In 2018 EP launched a series of discussion forums entitled ‘Fuelling Producivity’ to raise the profile for how food today can play a pivotal role in some of the wider business and social issues that we face....
  • The Emerging Leaders Network
    The challenge for all emerging leaders is going to one of consistent uncertainty and learning; so it is important to be able to share thoughts with others in a similar position, hear the thoughts of industry leaders as well as...

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Sprung Collective has enjoyed a good first year as it works on new solutions for a new landscape. - https://mailchi.mp/epmagazine/sprung-collective-has-enjoyed-a-good-first-year-as-it-works-on-new-solutions-for-a-new-landscape

It is said that the pandemic has laid the basis for a new generation of British chefs to come to the fore. - https://mailchi.mp/epmagazine/it-is-said-that-the-pandemic-has-laid-the-basis-for-a-new-generation-of-british-chefs-to-come-to-the-fore

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