EP Fuelling Productivity Campaign – 2020
There is a disruption taking place across Food Service. Where nutrition and wellbeing are becoming a core area of thinking.
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    • Risk Of ‘Unseen’ Depression, Isolation And Loneliness
      Could Be More Dangerous For Hospitality Businesses Than Coronavirus Many Hospitality Firms will be Feeling Lost but Conversation is the Lifeline. EP Business in Hospitality, is calling for all hospitality businesses to make contact as a community, talk and be...
    • Thomas Franks – Feeding Communities in the UK and Abroad
      During this difficult time, care, community and compassion are at the forefront of our minds. Many neighbourhoods and businesses have been and continue to come together to help provide and care for those who are vulnerable and isolated. Thomas Franks...
    • Founded To Champion Great People and the Future of Scottish Hospitality
      EPCIS Media – a partnership between CIS and EP – has been created to champion the Scottish hospitality industry, its people and how it has embraced change. As the current Coronavirus crisis is currently demonstrating, the Scottish hospitality industry can...
    • Bespoke Hotels UK Properties Support their Local Communities
      Staff at Bespoke Hotels properties giving back to the local public Selected Bespoke Hotelsproperties across the UK are making effective provision to support their local communities and charities by redistributing perishable foods, starting immediately. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bespoke...

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