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  • Food at the Heart of Culture #FuellingProductivity
    In 2018 EP launched a series of discussion forums entitled ‘Fuelling Producivity’ to raise the profile for how food today can play a pivotal role in some of the wider business and social issues that we face....
  • The Emerging Leaders Network
    The challenge for all emerging leaders is going to one of consistent uncertainty and learning; so it is important to be able to share thoughts with others in a similar position, hear the thoughts of industry leaders as well as...
  • The Community Pillar
    We are witnessing a reset where culture, regional differences and community are at the fore. This creates opportunities and change. There are a number of key learnings to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis and maybe the most important is that...

As we re-emerge, behaviours will have changed more than many expect. There is a desire once again for greater face to face informal contact, for collaboration, for compassion, for modern and open thinking #leadership #Buisness

Come and join us! Webinar on 24th February. There is growing consumer and regulatory demand to make supply chains more sustainable, both reducing waste and increasing transparency. Where has my food come from? How has it been produced? #foodwaste #foodservice #supplychain

The workplace post-pandemic will naturally be driven by those who can get back up and running, build new markets, find new customers and start to see wealth return. The challenge for boards will be to re-engage their teams #productivity #postpandemic #workplace

It is said that “Zoom is great for maintaining relationships but not for growing new ones” but is it a myth and one not to be believed? -

Research has indicated that great support services could see a 3% increase in revenue generation over the competitor which does not have great services for their teams #FuellingProductivity #Foodservice

In 2021, we will be working with schools to create new frameworks to inspire the young and to help develop broader thinking. Abigail Tan, CEO, St.Giles Hotel is one of the Founding Partners of this group #TheLeadersJourney

There is a quiet evolution of change taking place – in business models, in leadership, in people & culture, service and in sustainability. -

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