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  • Food at the Heart of Culture #FuellingProductivity
    In 2018 EP launched a series of discussion forums entitled ‘Fuelling Producivity’ to raise the profile for how food today can play a pivotal role in some of the wider business and social issues that we face....
  • Emerging Leaders Club – Be part of a global network which shares, shapes and creates
    The Emerging Leaders Club brings together emerging talent from across the globe and from within the worlds of business, industry and sport - for the purpose of knowledge share, mentoring and coaching, growth, shared value and connectivity. ...
  • Art in Hospitality
    Over recent years we have observed an increasingly love affair with food, especially towards fresh produce and nutrition, but there has also been a renaissance with art....
  • Increasing productivity through strong support services
    There is a strong argument that, as we stand, we are harming both company performance and individual well-being, and more – business has accidently undermined the traditional social structures that are important to productivity as they are the foundation stones...

Uncut and in conversation with

Two leading Deans of Swiss Hotel Schools -

There will be many who do not want to use in-room coffee machines, but they will trust a coffee machine which can be operated via an app. -

EPCIS Scottish Forum -

Uncut and in Conversation with John Harris and Nico Prinsloo of Let's Confab -

Invitation - Are hotels still good value? -

“The British nation is unique in this respect: they are the only people who like to be told how bad things are, who like to be told the worst.” -

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” -

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