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  • Reinvention
    Founding Principles: Strong cultures = increased productivity and innovation = increased profit. People are important and the key differential to any business. However good AI is, people still buy people. It is important for new leaders to emerge. The importance...
  • Food at the Heart of Culture #FuellingProductivity
    In 2018 EP launched a series of discussion forums entitled ‘Fuelling Producivity’ to raise the profile for how food today can play a pivotal role in some of the wider business and social issues that we face....
  • The Emerging Leaders Network
    The challenge for all emerging leaders is going to one of consistent uncertainty and learning; so it is important to be able to share thoughts with others in a similar position, hear the thoughts of industry leaders as well as...

Experts are asking, are leaders still caught in the 20th Century? 1:5 would trust a stranger before their own boss. -

Research last week suggested 41% of employees want to move to new companies. The bar will need to be raised. #postpandemic #leadership #talent

If during this talent crisis only 11% of industry representatives are actively investing in talent, how can we expect success? #ritrovo #talent #postcovid

Investing actively in talent, in providing them with developmental and personal support, with opportunities to learn and with a clear path for their success, creates sustainable businesses, positive cultures and the leaders of tomorrow. #Leadership #talent #hospitality

There is good reason why many returning to workplaces feel disengaged. There lies an opportunity for real change.Are you prepared to grasp it? -

Hospitality can be the glue which brings society together, just as it does in other countries. However, it does require a change in mindset. #TheFoodCultureshows2022

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