EP Business in Hospitality has been developed to provide thought leadership to the Hospitality industry as well as communicate the benefits of the Hospitality sector to a wider audience. EP talks to industry leaders and discusses with them the issues confronting the industry. EP’s communications should appeal to leaders and original thinkers as well as anyone interested in Hospitality today.

EP’s portfolio of activities also includes B2B facilitation, organising events, senior executive recruitment and industry partnerships.

The call is growing for stronger collaboration and openness in outsourcing.
Does this open the door for Vested?
Webinar – 21st June, 15.00 – 16.30

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UK Food and Beverage Sector M&A deal value drops by 85% - https://mailchi.mp/epmagazine/what-creates-a-leader-708714

0 - 10% of Senior Executives are under the age of 40 and 60% of L&D budgets remain unchanged or have been reduced - https://mailchi.mp/epmagazine/are-your-teams-getting-sufficient-psychological-flexibility-708698

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Did the pandemic prove to the industry just how good it really is? - https://mailchi.mp/epmagazine/are-your-teams-getting-sufficient-psychological-flexibility-708682

“If a model isn’t working, there is little point trying to change it from within. Just start a new model; it will achieve more” - https://mailchi.mp/epmagazine/if-a-model-isnt-working

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