Welcome to EP Insights

Success is understanding the bigger picture

EP Insights brings together the thought leadership, ideas and opinions of leading consultants and operators from across the hospitality industry. This website is the hub for an open narrative and debate that explains the perspective and thinking of consultants in the market and industry.

In 2016 and 2017 EP launched the magazines Food Service Action and Insights & Action following demand from the industry for a publication that really explained the dynamics at play. There is so much change taking place but there was no place for constructive debate on the market, people and service.

This was married with a range of important events which aimed to bring the industry together for discussion and to construct future articles in the publications. By late 2017 EP held a conference for over 200 people entitled Hospitality Insights Conference. The unique day included over 25 speakers from around the hospitality industry and was overwhelming considered a great success. Following much discussion and valuable feedback there was clearly a strong desire for a digital version of the magazine and events and therefore EP Insights was created.

The aims of this platform are simple:

  • A hub for business thinking and opinion in the hospitality industry, providing a central reference point for discussion and debate on the key issues of the day
  • To make the insights and unique experiences more accessible for a larger and more global reach
  • To hold reference as the place for understanding on key issues such as food trends, consumer tastes, nutrition and healthy eating, new wines and beverages, changing nature of restaurants and events and features with leading industry players
  • A reference for stronger dialogue and narrative to showcase the sector in a positive fashion

The magazines and range of events created a greater understanding and trust between operators and consultants and EP Insights will continue to evolve this.

Content from the website is also sent out via EP eShot campaigns.