Young talent has a fresh voice but are we hearing it, providing platforms for its development and nuturing it sufficiently for the future?

EP were delighted to talk with Ruud Reuland, former Director of EHL and Hotelschool the Hague and Donald Sloan, Donald Sloan Chair and Founder, at The Oxford Cultural Collective.

As part of an ongoing discussion about the need for change in higher education in the UK, in the field of hospitality (and related subjects), the parties explored the current model and the opportunity for the future, should the model and the attitude towards hospitality education receive fresh thinking and associated behaviours.

The field faces major challenges but equally, with the correct outlook so to does it face major opportunities. Is it time for a new approach, which embraces a distinct educational philosophy, achieves positive social impact and commits to promoting and celebrating the cultural diversity that characterises our sector and modern society?

Is it time to give young talent a fresh voice and better collaboration with and input from industry? We have traditionally a rich talent pool so how do we nurture and develop them fit for a new future?