Working to celebrate positives. 2022 can be the year when we see change for the good.

Over the last 18 months, we have written much about plans for the future. Now as we begin to emerge from the lockdowns, all those plans will start to come to fruition

Fuelling Productivity – much of which this campaign was founded upon has been seen far more clearly because of the pandemic. Food Service does make a major difference in daily life and boards today will watch how support services impact far more closely and get more actively involved. It will result in change and there is a real opportunity for the sector to make its case as it has rarely had before.

Food & Culture Shows – a genuine collaboration of companies, including EP, have come together to seek to stage engaging B2C shows in 2022 which really engage audiences and illustrate the importance of great produce and food styles. It is important to inspire new thinking when it comes to food & drink and inspire actions which will create a better world.

Sense of place – at the same time, localism has become important and hospitality sits right at the heart. Local custom, traditions and cultures can be celebrated far better and hospitality can be the beneficiary

The Scottish Education Awards – In support of Claymore Events, new awards will be hosted in February 2022 which will showcase great work and innovation within schools all across Scotland. How is the industry combating obesity? Supporting sustainability? Working with communities?

Hospitality does sit right at the heart of society. It is time to highlight and celebrate its importance.

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