Working in partnership

Working in partnership

Jamie Burrell, Creative Director at Thomas Franks, talks about working alongside suppliers to create a benefit for the consumer.

CoffeeThis week I took a trip to our local artisan coffee supplier, Extract Coffee, who supplies us with ‘Rocket Coffee’. Extract is a young artisan coffee supplier based in Bristol who run their business with the same ethos as we do: focussing on good quality produce and beautifully crafted & stylishly marketed products created by enthusiastic and dedicated people. At Thomas Franks, this type of supplier is the one we love as they really do become part of our family and a crucial partner to our business.

Spending time with Lee Bolam, one of the Directors of Extract, is a great way to get the creative juices flowing to identify how we can market ‘Rocket Coffee’. We would like to create a high quality customer-centric experience! It may sound simple but we don’t want to lose Extract’s essence so it’s very important we work with the suppliers to help enhance their products to benefit our consumers.

Key areas we focussed on:

  1. First, have we delivered what the client expects? A unique quality product which delivers on customer’s expectations and offers a quality option from the high street offering value for money.
  2. Are our customers catered for with clear provenance and high street marketing that supports a great tasting product which sets itself apart?
  3. Thomas franksFinally, have we delivered on the Thomas Franks ‘VISION? The vision is what all Thomas Franks team members aspire to and what allows us to remain a unique contract caterer. Working towards the VISION is definitely the favourite part of my job as we are able to constantly develop with our suppliers and clients to make sure we deliver the most unique service on the market.

With these key points above taken into consideration, Lee and I worked on a detailed marketing proposal which all our locations will be able to use to deliver great service with marketing initiatives. We also created sales and promotional work where we have discussed everything – down to cups and saucers – and have looked at all aspects to create an identity which will be recognised. Our aim is to highlight Extract as a supplier with a great product that rivals any high street brand!

Jamie Burrell is the Creative Director for Thomas Franks.

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