Work patterns have changed forever – how important is trust and communication?

Work and work patterns have been severely impacted by Covid and changed dramatically over the past 6 months, for many work has changed forever. With the PM’s announcement on Tuesday for employees to again work from home if they are able rather than go back to the office as was previously suggested, how important is communication, engagement and trust and what is the employees journey, or at least, what should it be to get the best out of employees?

EP were delighted to talk to Xander van Baarsen, Deputy Head of Europe and Touchapon Kraisingkorm VP, Head of Technology (based in Bangkok) at Amity – who specialise in innovative digital solutions that help organisations, teams and individuals achieve more through the power of technology.

Interestingly in Bangkok, new infection rates are low and things seem to be under control but people are still working from home. The need for staff to feel engaged, cared for, communicated with and part of an organisation is vitally important for their well being as well as their productivity.

What value does communication have without trust? How do companies and individuals engage? Can technology enable real and meaningful relationships and cultures? With a displaced workforce, how do you use communication tools and technology to re-imagine but most importantly reinforce relationships and cultures?

A very interesting discussion, well worth a listen.