With Eyes Turning Towards 2020

We certainly wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year. EP’s own plans for 2020 have already begun and we thought we would share some of this to see if there are pieces that you would like to learn more about and be involved in. Our aim is always to bring people together, to share ideas & knowledge.

  • Reinvention. More and more people are seeking ways of finding greater purpose within their own companies or in new fields. More want to find a life that is more engaged and with pride. https://www.epinsights.co.uk/ep-online-articles/reinvention-3/ More companies are also looking at working with communities and social initiatives – so how can this all be brought together?
  • A New members Club – we are delighted to be a partner in a new members club for all professionals and industries to launch in 2020 which is really focused on creating greater social connectivity through conversation built around great food, art, music, dance and culture.
  • Books – In 2020, EP is contracted to write two books, with an US publisher, entitled;
    • A Time for New Leadership in Hospitality Management and Hotel
    • Hospitality Management for Service and Sustainability
  • We are also in discussions on another re Fuelling Productivity and how food can really impact on health and wellbeing &culture
  • We have two conferences being planned for Fuelling Productivity in 2020
  • We are delighted to launching the EPCIS Education Awards to highlight great food service in schools that do impact on students and their lives
  • We are planning a forum that brings together both leading hospitality educationalists with leading industry players to find a stronger way forward for both to work together
  • We will be hosting a series of forums in Scotland and in London on mental health
  • We will also be developing a number of key campaigns beyond the Fuelling productivity banner including:
    • Fuelling Innovation
    • Fuelling Wellbeing
    • Fuelling Sustainability
  • We have some great support and events in a plan for The Emerging Leaders Network where we really want to discuss some hard issues that many young talents face. It is important that young talent has a voice and is able to express it – so part of the network will be to create a forum for young leaders to express their views and thoughts.
  • A new body is being launched for Tipping/Service charge that we are proud to be playing a supportive role in https://www.epinsights.co.uk/ep-online-articles/1st-february-launch-for-new-official-industry-body-to-oversee-best-practice-for-tipping-and-service-charges-in-hospitality-sector/
  • We have been delighted to work and support the goals of both UKCC and EHMA as both build their presences across the UK.

And there is much more. We thank all those that do support and work with us and we cannot do any of the above without the involvement of others.  We believe there is a new momentum and change taking place and we look forward to playing a part in leading discussion across Industry.

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