Wine: Memorable experiences allowing individuals to better understand the craftsmanship behind their favourite glasses

Wine is a large part of restaurant culture and dinning experiences. From the perfect pairing for meals to glasses which can be enjoyed on their own, vineyards and wineries are opening their doors as the culture surrounding wine expands. Like many areas of the industry now focusing of creating memorable experiences for consumers, the wine industry is focusing on teaching the artistry behind wine making and spreading knowledge about flavour and process.

In recent years the wine industry is expanding with individuals having access to new natural wines as well as expansion of traditional wines we are used to seeing on our tables. This expansion seems to have peaked consumer interest surrounding how different wine are made and the grapes being grown.

As the air turns crisp and the vines heavy with luscious grapes, Borgo Santo Pietro invites guests to an unforgettable experience: the Borgo Santo Pietro Harvest Season. Visitors can immerse themselves in the timeless traditions of winemaking. Walk along the vines, hand-selecting grapes under the golden Tuscan sun, forging a connection with the very land that nurtures these exquisite fruits. From the 25 acres of vineyard to the cavernous cellar, witness the transformation of grapes through guided tours that unfold the secrets of our winemaking process. Borgo Santo Pietro recently announced The Borgo Santo Pietro Wine Collection. This wine is the latest result of the circular economy the property is keen to evolve, which aligns with the philosophy of farm-to-fork ethics that was launched over 20 years ago. Each wine possesses its own distinctive character and allure, showcasing the winery’s unwavering commitment to crafting the most exceptional wines. At the heart of their winemaking philosophy lies a profound respect for the land, the unstinting support of the renowned agronomist Giacomo Baffetti and the guidance of their expert winemaker, Paolo Vagaggini. Production of the wines is limited and initially the wine will be available only at Borgo Santo Pietro, Saporium Firenze in Florence and onboard the Satori Yacht with the aim to find the right exclusive distribution in Italy, and the United Kingdom to start.

Similarly, the luxurious Palazzo Vilòn, recently opened in May 2023, is housed within one of the most prestigious addresses of Rome – The Borghese Palace. Those who enter the Palazzo choose to live an unforgettable experience, a daydream that is renewed every day with new, precious details. For food and wine enthusiasts, a journey to discover the most authentic recipes of the Roman and Italian tradition is available through private cooking lessons to learn the secrets of one of the most beloved cuisines in the world, including the art of pairing. Moreover, for a romantic anniversary, for a special occasion, or simply to conclude the day in the best possible way, an exclusive tailor-made dinner is available – a fine dining culinary option to enjoy the flavours of Italy, with a dedicated team ready to give life to every gastronomic desire, highlighting precious wines of the country.

These are but two examples of consumers being increasingly interested in gaining knowledge behind the manufacturing and artistry of luxury goods, this is a prime example of trends focused on sustainability, craftmanship and memorable experiences.