Will the corporate brands emerge strongly post-pandemic? Have consumers changed in the way they operate and think?

There are number of interesting debates emerging at this time as companies do begin to plan for recovery. One of the central discussions is the question over whether the corporate brands will emerge strongly in the post pandemic era or is there a move towards more bespoke services and independents?

As is often the case, the answer probably lies halfway between the two. The corporate brands do possess the strength to emerge strongly but consumers will have changed during this period and understandably will be influenced by different buying decisions as they emerge. Understanding how these influences have changed will be naturally of importance as companies seek to win back custom. The growing argument, therefore, is that many corporates need to create new bespoke services and solutions as there is growing research that customers are looking towards a higher level of personal care as they return.

During the pandemic, it has been well documented that many have taken greater interest in localism and in independents suppliers and producers. It is, therefore, natural that they will be seen as a threat to larger companies winning back spend but it is also the challenge for larger companies to adjust strategies.

It will be a fierce battleground as independents and corporates do compete to win custom. Most forecasts suggest still that it will be a 2-3 year process of recovery but that there are positive signs that we are on the right road to achieving full recovery. However, 2-3 years is a long time and it does suggest that it will be a battle to win back custom. Feedback is also suggesting a move from consumers feeling so concerned about their health to looking towards finding experiences once again, or at least a mixture of the two. Spend will be under increased pressure as business is rebuilt in those 2-3 years so every penny will need to be competed for.

It is very likely that the development of new services has a central role to play in who will be the winners and losers to emerge. This is arguably still to all unfold but the planning has already started.