Why entrepreneurs and innovation can be the powerhouse after Brexit

The political debate over Brexit will no doubt continue for a while yet but most just now want to get on with whatever lies in store.

Many are concerned. Business seems to be facing pressures on every side. However, there are others who are more positive about the future than one would believe from the national broadsheets and news channels.

If one looks at British history, it has always seen change created through facing adversity effectively and finding new solutions. Whatever is happening in Government circles, there are many businesses that have been working hard to create new global routes to market, find strong new relationships. This is being led by entrepreneurs that are more than happy to challenge traditional thinking and find new answers.

“We will see young talent really step forward once again and some great young twentysomethings catch the imagination.”

EP works with over 50 entrepreneurial concerns and I would suggest 50% are unconcerned about Brexit. They just accept that they have to face whatever economy we have in 2019 and get on with it. It is this spirit, this belief that will see business – and especially entrepreneurial business – lead both business and social change. No one is pretending it is going to be easy but there is a belief that the future is not all doom and gloom. It is more likely that it will be entrepreneurs and innovators that do lead the change agenda.

There are a range of great young entrepreneurs that are beginning to step onto the stage and could well be great stories to follow in future years. I suspect we will see young talent really step forward once again and some great young twentysomethings catch the imagination. It could be an exciting period of time so lets us not be too downhearted. It could just be that we will see, in retrospect, that young talent has been hindered in recent times and now could now be freed up. There is a genuine optimism and belief amongst the young that is quite inspiring.

And social innovation is growing at speed – often led by those in their twenties and thirties. The idea of doing things to make life better isn’t a new thing, but the focus on creating novel solutions to address social problems that are more effective, efficient, and sustainable and a step up from current solutions is rapidly gaining momentum. It is setting a tone and an impetus for change that will hard to stop. This is a new era and change is happening and it the leaders of both business and social change could well be those in their twenties today who could build new horizons. Our task is to support them and watch new stories and leaders emerge to lead.