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What is Wholesome Seduction?

Wholesome Seduction is a food blog that believes food is fuel and it should not only taste good, but do us good. Taking inspiration from abroad and with a little thought and planning, flavour needn’t be compromised.

Clare Garcia has a background in concept development and retail, which she blends with her love of food, nutrition and creative direction.

This EP edition of Wholesome Seduction is a summary of Clare’s blogs over the past month, just click on the pictures to read the complete story.

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Scots, strawberries & seduction

For me, the highlight of the last four weeks has to be a Brit winning Wimbledon. A (not so dour) Scot no less. I’d like to say I foresaw the future (or employed a modicum of wit) and so celebrated all things Scottish and that quintessentially British berry that’s as much a part of SW19 lawn tennis as Sue Barker. But I didn’t.

Either way, they’re here: my pick of the best Edinburgh eating spots and seasonal strawberries, with seductive cakes and smoothies thrown in. Rule Britannia!


Strawberry, almond & mint smoothie

The lack of spring (entirely forgiven in light of the recent outpouring of unbroken, blistering sunshine) wasn’t all bad. UK cooler conditions caused a slower growth and more time for the plants to develop in the soil, equalling plumper, juicier, sweeter berries. Make the most of the 2013 vintage crop by blitzing and freezing to use in recipes throughout the year. And gorge on beach body smoothies in the meantime. This is a great breakfast option as the almonds and oats are not only good for you, they fill you up for longer. As with this recipe, unearth inspiration and berry buddies with Niki Segnit’s indispensable Flavour Thesaurus.

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Seasonal Seducer: Strawberries

The good old strawberry is packed with vitamins C, B3 and B5. It contains fibre for a healthy heart and digestive system and ellagic acid to (rumour has it) help fight toxins and cancer.

Because this summer classic actually chills us out; B-vitamins are proven to support the nervous system and fight stress. Prized by Ancient Rome for their medicinal purposes, this favourite of berries is even said to help build resistance to disease.


Orange, almond & chocolate cake

Commonly used in Spanish and Moorish cakes, almonds bring so much more to the party than Bulk Out Flour, and they taste better. In my humble opinion… They’re filling, good for us, uber moist in cakes and gluten free. The swapping of sugar for Agave is a trick I’m a tiny bit pleased with. Options are also given for sugar and Stevia (saccharine barf) FYI, though my preference on both taste and waistline would be Agave. You can lose the choc drops for a more traditional recipe which is also sugar and dairy free. I’ve baked in tartan cups as a nod to Edinburgh’s Brew Lab inspiration from last week.

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Edinburgh Eating: The Lowdown

I’m a big Edinburgh fan. Growing up in the Highlands with a large chunk of our relatives effectively defecting to the Lowlands, week-end trips south were a formative part of my childhood. Edinburgh’s not only one of the most beautiful cities architecturally, it’s also hugely inspirational from a food perspective. Independent restaurant concepts have long been embraced here and as a result, you’d be hard pushed to get through my pick of the best fuel stops in two days

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