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Wholesome Seduction: EP Edition


Wholesome Seduction brings you the latest food and nutrition musings from Clare Garcia. Clare’s blog focuses on observations about current trends, recipes and opinions in the world of eating.

What is Wholesome Seduction?

Wholesome Seduction is a food blog that believes food is fuel and it should not only taste good, but do us good. Taking inspiration from abroad and with a little thought and planning, flavour needn’t be compromised.

Clare Garcia is Creative Director for Gather & Gather.

This EP edition of Wholesome Seduction is a summary of Clare’s blogs over the past month, just click on the pictures to read the complete story.

In this issue

It’s been a while since my last EP update, so I’ve got lots to update you on. In the food department we have simple recipes for healthy eating ‘on the go’ and a shopping list of reasons to eat (and practically bathe in) coconut oil.

Remember my Travel Pick: Tarifa, Andalucia? I’ve somewhat altruistically researched good value chic accommodation to complete the experience and stumbled upon the beautiful, Riad Lolita. Tarifa’s practically in Africa so temperatures are decent until mid October. A very accessible Malaga or Gibraltar flight away, should you fancy an impromptu weekend of sunshine…

Happy eating and sunning!


Travel Pick: Riad Lolita, Tarifa

Worthy of it’s own post, Riad Lolita is The place to stay in Tarifa. And I’ve ticked off my fair share of accommodation across multiple visits to Spain’s most southern tip – the mountains in the picture are Africa. My obsession with Tarifa can hardly have gone unnoticed (see Travel Pick: Tarifa, Andalucia). And my penchant for understated luxury may have been hinted at once or twice. Moorish mansion, Riad Lolita is the cherry on the cake, catapulting my Andalucian love into the stratosphere of holiday perfection. Here’s why:

Riad Lolita

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From the streets: Coconut oil

Wholesome Seduction has featured a few recipes containing coconut oil recently so I think it’s time to explain my (and the UK’s) latest love. Apart from transforming sweet potato wedges into sticky and crispy comfort food, the health benefits of this miracle fruit (botanically a drupe) are so extensive, fitness gurus are eating the oil by the dessert spoon. Literally.

Coconut Oil

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Broad bean & cashew pesto

In theory you should hull broad beans. Every. Single. One. I did this once, turning grey in the process. According to several guinea pig friends, though, this tastes so good it’s worth the effort. Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience of Ghandi so threw caution to the wind and tested with skins on. The result: zesty, clean, creamy, bang on summer and ready in 10 minutes. A delicious alkaline and raw dip with this week’s Sticky sweet potato wedges. Alternatively, dollop on salads, rye, fritters or pasta.


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Sticky sweet potato wedges

Coconut oil seems to be the key that sets this recipe apart from the now ubiquitous orange wedge. It works much better than olive oil, resulting in a sticky, sweet and salty flavour. The good news: coconut oil’s so ridiculously healthy, fitness gurus are eating it by the desert spoon for breakfast. Literally. What’s more, sweet potatoes are low GI, packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals and the recipe takes all of 5 mins to prep.

Potato Wedges

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Choco nut energy balls

Packed with nothing but (seriously) good stuff, energy balls are fast becoming the new chocolate brownie of cafes. Nutritionist friend and colleague, Kate’s even added her recipe to our Gather & Gather meetings and snack range. So much more productive than a sugar or crisp crash and burn ‘pick me up’. #goddess This is my version. Think: protein, fibre, antioxidants, raw, cacao, coconut oil, no refined sugar, dairy free, gluten free etc etc etc. I’ve used cup measures to save scale faffing; they really are very easy.

Energy Balls

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