Wholesome Seduction: EP Edition

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Wholesome Seduction: EP Edition


Wholesome Seduction brings you the latest food and nutrition musings from Clare Garcia. Clare’s blog focuses on observations about current trends, recipes and opinions in the world of eating.


What is Wholesome Seduction?

Wholesome Seduction is a food blog that believes food is fuel and it should not only taste good, but do us good. Taking inspiration from abroad and with a little thought and planning, flavour needn’t be compromised.

Clare Garcia is Creative Director for Gather & Gather.04

This EP edition of Wholesome Seduction is a summary of Clare’s blogs over the past month, just click on the pictures to read the complete story.

In this issue

Tips 3 – 5 of The Anti-diet. Why eating nothing but kumquats could, in theory, make you fat (not to mention miserable and devoid of energy). It’s healthy and essential to eat fats. How to trim down by drinking and doing less (kind of), and the truth about diet drinks.

Click in next month for a review of my last two weeks of Brazilian gorging and beaching: Travel Pick: Rio & Brazil’s magical Island.

Happy wholesomely seductive eating!


The Anti-diet: Pop

I’m afraid there’s no easy way to say this: fizzy drinks may in fact be the work of Satan. A 500ml bottle contains over 200 calories and a whopping 53g of sugar. That’s basically 60% of your GDA for sugar. 60%! Diet drinks fare temptingly better on the face of it: Coke Zero has as the name suggests, well, zero calories. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch as they say, and let’s not forget the tiny matter of our health:


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The Anti-diet: Carbs v. protein

I once paid exorbitant amounts of cash to see a fit guru who promptly rigged me up to a mask attached to lots of wires, while making me stretch my poor little heart to breaking point on various apparatus. I only learned calories the year before (goodbye family size trifle) and have zero comprehension of my weight, so this was a little out of character. It was surprisingly useful however: I learned that eating nothing but kumquats can make you fat.


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The Anti-diet: Keep calm & hydrate

Yup, the old 2 litres a day mandate. Groan! Believe it or not though, hunger pangs are often our bodies signalling for fluids. Have a glass of water and give it 10 minutes before eating; you may be surprised.


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