Wholesome Seduction: EP Edition

Wholesome Seduction: EP Edition


Bringing you the latest food and nutrition musings from Clare Garcia and Wholesome Seduction. Her blog focuses on observations about current trends and opinions in the world of eating.


What is Wholesome Seduction?

Wholesome Seduction is a food blog that believes food is fuel and it should not only taste good, but do us good. Taking inspiration from abroad and with a little thought and planning, flavour needn’t be compromised.

Clare Garcia is Creative Director for Gather & Gather.

This EP edition of Wholesome Seduction is a summary of Clare’s blogs over the past month, just click on the pictures to read the complete story.

In this issue

Stocking fillers & Sustainable Scotland

Following on from Formula 1 last month, I thought I may need to re-dress the balance so swapped bubbles for boots; desert for mud; and baba ganoush for sticky pork belly. By further contrast, while local or regional sourcing is virtually non existent in the UAE, it’s becoming a given in Scotland.

And Little Miss Fussy’s tried and tested Top 5 food inspired stocking fillers and gifts. Because even those who have everything need to eat.


The Stocking Filler Top 5

It’s that time of year again; we’ve hit December and already passed the busiest online shopping day of the year apparently. Well versed in the art of shopping, I thought it only fitting I share my failsafe food inspired gift guide, hopefully taking some trauma out of your Santa duties.

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Gather sustainably

Unpacking the spoils from a recent trip to the parental homestead I was struck by just how much produce comes out of Mum Garcia-Macintyre’s Highland garden and kitchen: Everything from Wild Boar bacon and sausages to Jerusalem artichokes and marmalade. In fact, the farm to table philosophy is commonplace in Scotland and quite frankly, when frosty November delivers so much, why would you want a summer strawberry?

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