Whatever happens, a new landscape will emerge.

Two books to be released that look to the future and changes to come.

The saying a “New Norm” has become a cliché with very little meaning but there will be undoubtedly many changes that will place across a whole number of disciplines from leadership philosophies to sustainability to service levels and beyond.

Over the next 4 months, EP will see two books published based off research with over 100 industry leaders from all across the world. Our thanks to all who were interviewed for and contributed to the books.

A New Dawn: Sustainability and Service in Hospitality – The last decade has seen many challenges from the Great Crash of 2008/9 to the Covid-19 Pandemic crisis as well as a new generation struggle to break through and another be reluctant to leave the stage. These challenges have had their consequences, good and bad. The Great Crash arguably set back many progressive agendas and the pandemic crisis may just mark a moment of reset. Time will tell whether this becomes a truth.

The following book though is an explanation of the journey that many companies have travelled during the last few decades, the ups and downs, the set-backs and the progress, until we have reached a point where we can see a more progressive era lie within touching distance

A Time for New Leadership in Hospitality – The years of leadership by the baby boomer generation are moving toward their natural conclusion. It will result in a shift from one of the most successful business generations ever to that of the millennial’s generation: a generation that has been heavily critiqued and is seen to be unproven, untested. Yet there this an exciting prospect as they are progressive and aspiring to see a better world. They have a belief in sustainability in communities, in culture, in business, and environment.

Both generations should work together to ease the way, but the chasm between the generations is currently too large. Strangely enough, the differences are not as large as they may appear. The millennials, in truth, are only a reflection of the baby boomers who have heavily influenced them. Both generations began their journeys with strong ideals. The baby boomers compromised in line with the challenges that they faced, but still raised another generation stressing the ideals that they still held close to them, so a bridge should be able to be built. How can this be achieved?

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