What will transform the way people work?


Times are changing and society is requiring to develop new models that takes into account a social agenda beyond everyday lives. According to PWC’s report “The Future of Work” 65% of people around the world want to work for an organisation with a powerful social conscience. How do we make sure that the company’s values are spreaded from the top to the bottom and vice versa? Our leaders play a crucial role in making sure that there is no contradiction between vision and management.

PWC also reports that the more and more firms are opting for fluid structures. In the future there will be no hierarchy as everyone will have the opportunity to participate in decision making and feels responsible for the company’s success.  What are you doing as a leader to make sure everyone in your team understands the bigger picture? Is there a social agenda that is helping your employees’ thinking ahead?


Rethinking the values of the hospitality sector

Hospitality is full of talent and creativity, therefore can be a pioneer in creating positive change.
How are we retaining talent in the sector?
How are making our busienss more sustainable?
How we use our network and relationships to find solutions?

Our goal is to create a community of leaders to ensure mutual and continued growth and improvement and to provide a platform for knowledge share. With this in mind, the Emerging Leaders Executive is aiming to provide interactive, on-going and informal discussions on broader issues which also supports peer-to-peer group development and emerging talent.

The Emerging Leaders Executive is designed to provide ongoing professional development and to create thought provoking, social activities for those with a desire to learn.

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