What makes EP different?

We want to help create positive change. We are passionate about sharing knowledge and hosting events for the benefit of all as we believe it makes a difference.

Since the start of the pandemic, EP has hosted close to 150 events and published over 860 articles. We are often praised for our organisation, the level of insight we share, the breadth and depth of our content and the level of collaboration we foster. We care about people, their people and businesses, we care about our industry, about challenging ourselves and our thinking, about looking to the future and finding new solutions together. It is about relationships, culture and trust.

We do hope our efforts add value but we do it as we passionately believe in:

· Collaboration is key in the most difficult of times. So many struggle to understand key themes and see changing dynamics. Most of our content comes via collaboration with experts who too believe in the importance of sharing. By working together we are more likely to be successful, to see opportunities and learn in ways we may not have seen on our own.

· How a guest is welcomed to an event will often determine their experience. We see it as our role to personally be there for guests, to make those who feel shy or uncomfortable to feel at ease. To introduce strangers to friends, to actively support the creation of new relationships. Hospitality is all about caring for and putting others first; to make others have a good experience and although our primary role is consultancy and knowledge, we do see how we behave as important.

· Knowledge is of premium value and we share it to support growth, planning, success and new thinking. Even during the pandemic, most people’s days are dominated by internal process and meetings. Research will note that the average person spends less than 45 mins a day being able to reflect on what is going on outside of their businesses. 45 mins? That is not long enough. Pre-pandemic, the average executive would spend 4-5 of their day in internal meetings and 3 hours on emails. Research has noted that thinking has become more narrow; hardly a surprise given all the above. Our role is support those 45 mins, making them as impactful and valuable as possible.

· Challenging thinking. Some of the thinking and resultant behaviours in the past few years has been shown not to have been good enough, sometimes arrogant, sometimes lazy. Business has let a number of key pillars erode over the years which do now need correcting.

And it is important that the difficult questions are asked.

o The investment in people has been eroded and there is an urgent need for fresh approaches

o Higher education for hospitality is in need of change. What can be done?

o Food plays a central role in daily life, in improving health and well-being, in supporting productivity. Is this sufficiently understood or supported?

o How can the industry play central roles in communities?

o How are work patterns and consumer trends changing?

o Service plays an important role in society. How can we ensure it is more respected?

The world has changed in many ways and not in many others. Understanding change, embracing collaboration and fresh thinking has never been more important. Join us.