What lies next? A new forum to look at the future of hospitality.

So much has subtly changed but very few possess either full clarity or knowledge of the changes which are taking place. There are more questions hanging in the air than answers. It would take a brave person to suggest they understand how trends will unfold.

The newly designed forum will bring together leading experts to provide their insights into the changes taking place. This will include leading experts, consultants and specialists; all coming together to provide and share knowledge.

The one thing we have learnt during the last two years is that we will need to learn to live with uncertainty; that constant change will live with us. Companies will need to scenario plan; possess strategies which can be adapted and be prepared for a “White Rhino” event or a “Black Swan” event.

· Which markets will lead the way out of the present scenario?

· What will the hotel and office building of the future look like and what will influence design?

· How will services change and develop? How is the consumer changing?

· What will be the work pattern of the future?

· How will values change

· What is next in the supply chain?

· Which sectors are likely to prosper best during 2022 and 2023?

· How will technology evolve and develop? What can we expect from Smart technological advancement?

· What will the manager of the future be like? It is argued that knowledge has been in decline over the last decade. Will this trend continue as more is controlled through innovation?

· How will future lifestyles be?

We will seek out new thinking, insight, knowledge and research to help aid in answering the above questions.

The one thing we do know is that we are not as safe and secure from global events as maybe many believed; that there are so many uncontrollable factors which can play an influential role on the future of a business. It is best to be prepared.

If you would like to be involved, please email lauran.bush@epmagazine.co.uk