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Bringing you the lastest food and nutrition musings from Clare Garcia and Wholesome Seduction. Her blog focuses on observations about current trends and opinions in the world of eating.


What is Wholesome Seduction?

Wholesome Seduction is a blog that believes food is fuel; it should not only taste good, but do us good. Taking inspiration from abroad and with a little thought and planning, flavour needn’t be compromised.

Clare Garcia has a background in concept development and retail, which she blends with her love of food, nutrition and creative direction.

A Wholesomely Seductive year to come

Here are my highlights from January and February; the months for shedding pounds and lethargy, avoiding Yo-yo dieting and relentless calorie counting, and being seduced by one of life’s greatest pleasures: food.

With an über gluttonous ten course tasting masterpiece thrown in. This is the month of love and indulgence after-all. Follow me for restaurant reviews, Seasonal Seducers and Wholesomely Seductive recipes to power you through 2013.

Tom’s tasting masterpiece

There are days when I thank the employment Gods for blessing me with a vocation that surrounds me with food, cooking and creativity. This was one of those days. I had the chore of eating my way through ten courses of culinary glee from colleague Tom Gore, Exec Chef at The Brewery. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:


Storehouse Seducer of the month: Dark chocolate

Apart from the effect on our taste buds? Seductive cocoa is packed with anti-oxidants, it contains iron and magnesium to give us energy and balance our moods. It’s even one of nature’s aphrodisiacs. Don’t be fooled by its phony cousin though, the genuine 70%+ has so much more to offer.


The non diet, diet: Carbs v. protein

I once paid exorbitant amounts of cash to see a fit guru who promptly rigged me up to a mask attached to lots of wires, while making me stretch my poor little heart to breaking point on various apparatus. I only learned calories the year before (Goodbye Trifle for One) and have zero comprehension of my weight, so this was a little out of character. It was surprisingly useful however: I learned that eating nothing but kumquats can make you fat.


The non diet, diet: Breakfast like a king

… and supper like a pauper. This is not an old wives tale. In actual fact, for many of us Brits consumed with work, breakfast is a coffee, and lunch a sandwich that can be eaten On the Go. The evening meal is our chance to blow all those daily-banked calories. You have the entire day to burn off breakfast; supper sleeps with you.


The non diet, diet: Blah blah moderation blahhh…

If you do nothing else, heed this tip. I could fill Santa’s sleigh with the Weight Watchers nemesis foods I sample each year, so it’s largely assumed I must have a chocolate spitting bowl. I don’t. It’s very simple but the vast majority of you won’t like what I’m about to say: I stop eating when I’m full.


The non-diet, diet

Firstly, Happy New Year! Sitting here, slurping my liquid lunch (of the soup variety) I wonder, could UK eating habits be considered mildly schizophrenic? With Santa duties and Olympic gorging out the way, we Brits need a new goal it would seem. Cue: Beach booty / Alcohol is the enemy / My body is a temple and nothing but raw veggies hand picked by virgin nuns will pass my lips.



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