What is the breadth and scope of EP’s work?

We are often asked as to the breadth and scope of services that we provide as many do not understand the full picture. It is a fair enough question as it is not always clear to those that do not work closely with us.  In simple terms, the breath of our work is large as we are fortunate enough to have some exceptional experts that work closely with us, which allows EP to do things that few others do undertake.

Our foundation is that we believe in what are often regarded as old fashioned values such as personal contact, trust, and relationships. Our approach is to work with a community and support through a number of service lines. These include:

Unique networks:Arlene

The Emerging Leaders Network – a membership network for those that are developing to board level. We believe strongly in the importance of informal learning and each month, the network will host a dinner with an Industry leader who will talk through their career and insights. It provides an opportunity for those that wish to meet key leaders and to learn from them in an informal, relaxed environment. The network is a very popular and has a strong core group of tomorrow’s leaders at its heart

The Global Hospitality Network – a membership group that connectsNatalie professionals across the world for both learning and knowledge share. We will personally introduce one professional to another from different regions so both can learn off each other

The Entrepreneurs Club – a network that meets monthly to bring together innovation, new concepts and established companies. The idea is to promote business flow and support the new

The Chairman’s Club – EP is delighted to bring together some of the Industry’s most experienced players to talk about key issues of the day

Services Chris

The International Tours – EP hosts visits to a range of different cities around the world for learning and insight. We are presently planning tours to India, South America and New Orleans

Marketing and Comms – led by Amy Lainchbury who works with a number of clients on their marketing and comms strategies

Ellora – a JV accountancy service for SME’s, Individuals and start-ups. Led by Jaz Notay, the aim is to provide an old school personal service that really adds valueAmy

EP Consultancy – which really focuses on the customer experience and food trends/concepts

EPCIS Media – a JV publishing service for industry or company books and journals managed by a group of seasoned editors and publishers

EPE – working with companies to connect and make introductions across the Industry

EP itself is delighted to announce that it is working on two new titles this years – Entrepreneurs & Innovation and Food Service in ActionBen V Butler

We are also proud to have as partners key specialist partners including:

  • Alix Partners
  • Joelson Wilson
  • Ecovis
  • Indicator
  • WMT
  • Newhall Publishing
  • Peter Owen Publishing
  • Catering in Scotland Magazine

The Industry is an exciting and vibrant environment and we love our work with the industry. If you would like to learn more or be involved, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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