What does EP do

EP offers a range of services including consultancy, expert advice, entrepreneur development and professional communications services. A diverse group of business partners are supported through various activities.

EP Activities:

EP Think Tanks

There is a very strong need to discuss the hard issues. The Think Tank events will focus towards both the foodservice sector and hotel sector and included reports. The intention is to raise the bar and improve the industry. We do need to debate the important issues openly and share knowledge with the intention of creating possible solutions.

Emerging Leaders Club – Be part of a global network which shares, shapes and creates

The Emerging Leaders Club (ELC) brings together emerging talent from across the globe and from within the worlds of business, industry and sport – for the purpose of knowledge share, mentoring and coaching, growth, shared value and connectivity.

EP Innovates

EP creates a constant and valuable interaction between Entrepreneurs and the Hospitality Industry and explores opportunities for collaboration and partnership. View the new platform for entrepreneurs and innovation in hospitality.

Beyond The Model

Creating events and adventures that focus on supporting the improvement of character, exposure and experience. In 2018 this includes leading a walk to support charities from Venice to Florence and another from Lyon to Dijon. To combat the lack of emerging leaders – we want them to join these activities and to be immersed in different cultures, environments, conversations, experiences and learning, all to take back into their lives and businesses whilst doing more by supporting our nominated charities.



Business success and reinvention is all about positive cultures and positive people. For any meaningful progress, growth or improvement to be carried out both the people and the culture of any business must be addressed with equal importance and simultaneously. If not, low staff retention levels and wasted business expenses are the only logical outcome.

People lie at the heart of all business in any industry but today it is evident that there is a substantial social and cultural problem that currently exists, people are getting hurt and this is quite simply indefensible – we need a substantial social change. EP has therefore created a marriage between sport and hospitality businesses which will help create change in a way that many traditional training courses cannot. Great cultures develop, attract and retain great people. Find out more.

Let’s Make A Difference

Hospitality can play a real leadership role but are we ready for it and are we up for it? Some are already doing some great work to combat the challenges but there needs more making real differences in communities and in workplaces. The challenge is for us the entire industry to do more – to make a genuine difference; to support charitable works, support local communities and to lead through actions. It may be asking more but it does also deliver bottom line benefit.