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Britain’s fourth largest employer is still arguing for the platform it deserves

Leaders of the sector understand fully that Hospitality is a labour-intensive industry. However the government doesn’t seem to want to focus on supporting the people situation the industry is currently going through. It is surprising given the current situation:

According to data from Ignite Economics, Hospitality accounts for 3.2 million direct jobs and a further 2.8 million indirect jobs. The research, commissioned by industry trade body the British Hospitality Association (BHA), said the jobs are spread around the country and:

  • Ranked as a top six employer in every region of the UK
  • Gross value added – the increase in economic value from the production of goods and services – of 5.9%. Almost double that of the economy as a whole
  • Labour productivity in the sector has grown at more than double the rate of the overall economy since 2008
  • Last year, hospitality and tourism brought £73bn to the economy, or £161bn including the indirect impact







Industry heavyweights must look at their talent acquisition and retention processes and ensure they match and provide the right skills and learning. The emerging leaders will need to ensure that the industry gains more support and they will also need to possess a fine array of talents and skills. What will they need to do?

  • Take the good work the Baby Boomers have done and carry this forward to suit the changing world.
  • To ensure the legacy of today is strong, if not stronger
  • It is fair to say they will return to the role of a pillar in society that was perhaps forgotten?

All generations will need to share their values and expectations because they do differ

It is going to be difficult because the behaviour and attitude on each side can at times utterly bemuse the other. EP believes this process can be easier by:

  • Sharing knowledge – can the emerging generation learn from TED style talks?
  • Public speaking – the best debaters can structure core arguments
  • Teams – have fun and work together to achieve

We need to be proud to work in this sector. We need to tell others why they should join this sector. We need to support those who are going to lead this sector and support the industry as it strives to provide social good.

To get involved: Ben.Butler@epmagazine.co.uk

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