Welcome to Katie Wilson and a number of new agendas across EP

As we start to cast our eyes towards the start of 2024, EP is delighted to welcome Katie Wilson, a talented young writer, who will be tasked to help develop the stories of the industry through new eyes. We are often asked how hard it is to keep finding new content but the truth is that the industry has no lack of fabulous stories to be told; our aim is to look at constantly evolving how these are told.

This has been a year of many exciting new projects emerge and EP is delighted to be working on projects across the world, with new concepts developing in Europe, India, UK, Caribbean, and Africa. At home, there is no lack of activity too with many new partnerships emerging.

We are seeing a rise in a stronger belief in partnerships, stronger communications and openness. This year we have been delighted to launch “Consultants Corner” with Maxcene Crowe, former Global Procurement lead for JLL and we now launch an industry discussion around collaborative partnerships. It is becoming increasingly proven that operators and suppliers working more effectively together can result in stronger profits, new offers and margin enhancement. If this is the case, why would we not explore further?

As is natural, in all such markets, entrepreneurship is often a driving force in hard times. We are delighted to be launching a new Accelerator programme this Nov as we seek to create a new, robust framework and support for emerging concepts.

These are challenging times but also full of new thinking. In the next six weeks, we also will be hosting a series of key events including:

9th Nov – How will the industry evolve and change as A.I and robotics play a more central role?

21st Nov – The launch of the International Fair Pay Charter which is being led by the UK to make real change to many living in poverty across the world.

4th Dec – The Food Price Index with Prestige Purchasing. How is the food system evolving and adapting to new demands?

6th Dec – the Alix Partners Food Service Growth Report. Where does food service truly sit on the road to recovery?

We hope you can come and join us.

If you are interested in attending any of the above events please email Izzy.mchattie@epmagazine.co.uk.