Webinar – The Future of the Office 2021 – What is really happening on the ground?

EP were delighted to host a webinar on the future of the office to explore what to expect for 2021? With 78% of the audience believing that the office will return in Q2 2021, what does the research say and most importantly what are the conversations actually going on with clients planning for the future?

We were pleased to be joined by Leeson Medhurst – Head of Workplace Strategy at Peldon Rose who discussed that the workplace has changed and that clients understand that the office needs to be a destination for staff, giving them a reason to attend and that culture is of utmost importance.

We also heard from Cemel Ezel – CEO of Change Please who explained that there is a change in thinking, especially from a procurement perspective when it comes to clients and offices. with a focus on supporting social businesses and products as well as an active consideration towards the associated carbon footprint and offsetting that.

Finally we were delighted to hear from Anthony Groombridge – Director at Liquidline who spoke of how important it is for businesses to create a heart in the office and this is around great coffee and spaces for social interaction and collaboration.

A positive and informative discussion which left all filled with hope and confidence that the office of the future will be a place where employees will want to go to and will thrive in.Well worth a listen.