Webinar – The Future Landscape of Food Service – 2021

92% of the audience members believe that Food Service will be essential to re-engage employees and get staff back into office environments.

There has been extensive discussion in recent months over how the future of Food Service will adapt and change over the next year especially when things remain so uncertain and the predicted levels of employees returning to office environments are alarmingly low.

In an interesting and insightful webinar discussion which involved insights from both senior operators and clients, a presentation on the vested model by Julian Fris of Neller Davies and the delivered in model as a solution by Tom Squire of City Pantry, much knowledge was shared.

With over 130 industry leaders in the audience:

  • 80% believe that the delivered in model will find real growth in the next 12 months
  • 73% believe that London will only return to pre-Covid levels in 2022
  • 92% believe that sustainability will be more important post-Covid

Much of the underlying thoughts resonated a need for collaboration, the rebuilding of trust with employees and the consumer, the use of technology and innovation and the need for us as an industry to continue to work together to share knowledge, support talent and remember how important and impactful our industry is.

We may not have a crystal ball to predict the future but we do have the tools we need to ensure that it is a bright one.

Many thanks to our partners City Pantry and senior leaders from Aramark, WSH BaxterStorey, Bartlett Mitchell, Houston&Hawkes, Neller Davies, Nomura, Brewin Dolphin, GSK, University of Cambridge, Barings and Loyds for their continued support and input.