Webinar: how is food service in schools maximising the benefit of tech? On the 29th of November 2023

On the 29th of November at 9am, we are delighted to be hosting, in partnership with Zupa, a webinar looking at how food service in education is making the most of advancements in technology.

We are thrilled to be joined by three guest speakers to really get the debate going:

  • John Murphie – COO, ISBA
  • Robin Bidgood – Director, Holroyd Howe
  • Nick Clegg – Managing Director, Edwards & Ward.

The aim of this webinar is to explore how food service in education is changing and adapting to technology to help with the pressing challenges the sector is facing. We will gain insights from the leaders in the sector and hear their thoughts as to how tech is – and can offer stronger services and support to pupils, to services, to sustainability and to future advancement. Through an open and interactive live discussion with our guests, as we explore their learnings, including a lively Q&A.

Some questions that we seek to address:

  • What are we finding out through technology?
  • What methods are currently being used and who, if anyone, is ahead of the tech curve in our sector?
  • What are the pros and cons as well as any barriers we are facing?
  • What is working, what isn’t?
  • What does progressing tech mean for the sector?

This year, EP has conducted several events looking at how AI and technology are impacting the industry. The overall view is that our industry is lagging behind for a whole number of reasons, ranging from a lack of trust in allowing partners access to data, to systems being able to talk to one another, through to understanding how it can help improve both service and profit margin.

This has been a four-year discussion, and it is arguably only now that companies are open to the need for change and stronger partnerships. It is recognised that the right technology infrastructure can lead to stronger performance for schools and for operators, as it plays an integral part in the solution to help manage costs better and ensure better alignment and partnership.

To join us for this webinar, please register by clicking the link below: