We all became too caught up in detail, in the small things as everything got so fast paced. We stopped listening.

The above was a comment in a recent interview with a leading hotelier. He went on to be even more candid: “ I think many of us let down our people as we all got too involved in operational issues as everything was so fast and we lost sight of the bigger picture. Often we didn’t hear good ideas and we lacked trust in what many would deliver. There were many who found ways of talking great words but delivering very little. Hey, we let them do it. Now we want to be a step removed and everyone has to walk their own talk”.

There are many who resonate the same sentiments. The world did become so intensely busy that many lost sight of any big picture and alongside, values, culture and supporting young talent. Another leader recently added another dimension to this line of thought:

“This whole discussion around the fear of failure has been generated by leaders. It is the truth. We have patronised young talent for years but we have let everyone work harder and longer hours that it has naturally rewarded some and created stress in others. I think it is right that leaders have lost sight of the big picture piece and became too focused on day to day issues. The research does not lie. We can make our defences but the buck stops with us and we need to learn from it.”

One thing we are seeing very visibly is that many leaders have been very open and honest on what has not been good enough and there is a genuine desire to see change from what went before. This could all mark the start of not just rebuilding better businesses, but where many build stronger sustainable businesses that once again support the develop of talent, work better with communities and find once again strong cultures built off values that do inspire people to stay with them.

Most accept that there are still some very difficult days lying ahead but we are now starting the process of rebuilding the pillars and that work starts with leaders finding a new sense of purpose, and vision.