Walking with the Gods – could it help broaden our thinking?

Walking with the Gods

Could it help broaden our thinking?

Many businesses and boards today are actively debating the fall in employee productivity, the increasing levels of mental health issues, the fall in trust levels towards leaders and the need for new leaders to be developed and nurtured through.

Related to this is how there is a greater narrowness of thinking and understanding within business. The reasons are numerous and somewhat irrelevant as it still results in the same problems which we need to solve.

New leaders and people with breadth of care, character and understanding are urgently needed.

Mirroring the thinking of 19th Century British Victorian public schools that sporting activities were tools for “character building”, culture and leadership and that lessons learned would readily carry over to other areas of students’ lives and futures, EP has organised the first of three charity walks.

Our argument is that broader minded people = better people = better professionals = better teams, cultures and behaviours.

The Way of the Gods – Bologna to Florence
18-25 June 2018

This famous walk stretches over some of the most beautiful scenery to be found in the Emilia Romagna area and is a good 120km in distance and has connected Bologna to Florence for thousands of years.

From the Etruscans to the Romans and through the Middle Ages, people continued to walk or go by horseback along this ancient route, the best one for crossing through the Apennines.

The route is as follows:

Day 1. Arrive in Bologna
Day 2. Walk from Bologna to Sasso Marconi
Day 3. Walk from Sasso Marconi to Monzuno
Day 4. Walk from Monzuno to Madonna dei Fornelli
Day 5. Walk from Modonna dei Fornelli to Monte di Fo
Day 6. Walk from Monte di Fo to San Piero a Sieve
Day 7. Walk from San Piero a Sieve to Florence
Day 8. In Florence

Pricing: £900.00 per person excluding flights.

Getting involved in activities outside of work and home that challenges, inspires, builds relationships and supports important causes will stretch people personally and impact positively on overall performance and decision making, enable leaders and emerging leaders to broaden their thinking, experiences and exposure, to have fun and build meaningful relationships.

The charitable causes that are being supporting are:

  • The Royal Academy of Arts Adopt a School program which takes chefs into schools to talk about the importance of great food and nutrition.
  • Crista Cullen (GB Gold Olympic medalist) Elephant Conservation in Kenya.

Both different; both important and as we develop this program we will grow both the walks and the charitable support.It doesn’t matter how much is raised or how they are supported – it is just about getting involved.


Leadership is important in business and in life – we would argue that one has to go beyond the model to be truly effective and impactful and that this is now necessary.

We would love leaders and emerging leaders to join these walks and be immersed in different cultures, environments, conversations, experiences and learning, all to take back into their lives and businesses whilst doing more by supporting our two nominated charities.

More open and broad minds = better people = better leaders.

To register you or members of your teams interest please contact Lauran.Bush@epmagazine.co.uk 

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