Vision – The world class quality of a sector

The Vision Report was launched this week at AVEQIA London. The comprehensive insight into the foodservice and hospitality management has been a year in the making and highlights the great work that goes on in this world class industry sector.

Vision includes an overview of the sector, case studies of venues, talent profiles, and analysis of CSR initiatives, technology, input from expert consultants and an overall of M&A activity. It provides unique access and information on the sector as a whole.

Vision 01.10.15

EP was delighted to launch the Vision Report this week and below are some of the comments received so far.

“This is a groundbreaking report as its one of the first times the story of the contract market has been taken to an external audience.”

“This should help improve our image no end.”

“It’s nice to see something positive rather than the constant internal discussions.”

“WOW! It looks brilliant – very well done – a good balance of print and excellent images”

“The must have insight into foodservice”

“Great people, great good and great talk show as always”

“A must read for Facility Management and Work Place Strategists. Food connects and engages”

“Great launch event… super publication”

EP is immensely proud of this first report and the whole team are thrilled with the feedback received so far. During the breakfast event the room was supplied with delicious food from the AVEQIA Michelin standard chefs whilst several speeches were made:

  • Bob Cotton, former CEO of The BHA provided words of wisdom from his experience of the sector
  • Andrew Etherington, FIH FCSI, Chairman FCSI UK & Ireland, welcomed the importance of a report of this nature
  • Richard Woolliams, Business Development Director at Newhall Publishing, spoke of the possibilities of a future quarterly report
  • David Berggren, Founder of AVEQIA, thanked the room and explained their unique concept

EP would like to thank all of the business operators and leaders who provided content, without whom, the report would not have been possible.

Vision is £25.00 and showcases the breadth and scale of the sector in its entirety.

To order your copy today please email Arlene McCaffrey

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