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There are key debates that need to be solved

Little beats friendship, trust and great teams and all of these qualities have been disappearing from the workplace. Across all businesses it is becoming noticeable and when looking at the key debates taking place at Board level, it is clear that solutions must be found.

  • Productivity – is it falling and how do we reverse?
  • Lack of trust – “63% Of Employees Don’t Trust Their Leader” – Forbes
  • Narrow thinking – behaviours are crucial but they are falling. Behaviours build customer and client trust and loyalty more effectively then any sales message.
  • Changing HR – the role of HR is going through change and is less focused on the development of the human asset and more on strategy, compliance and risk

Talent – the need to engage and develop new talent and free up new leadership

Various strategies have been devised over the years, but the stats continue to decline. Our argument is that we need to get back to old school fundamentals and companies should work with an expert that solves some of the above through:

  • Developing an open, people focused communications process between leadership and teams
  • Coaching on mind-set to work through the increased fear of failure and how failure should be embraced but in the right way
  • Developing trust between leadership and employees through strong communications and access to voicing concerns

Freeing up talent through bespoke coaching.

Our belief is that strong culture and great communication can help solve this

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