VIDEO Novotel Warsaw Centrum saved 27,000 meals from being thrown away

By measuring and managing food waste with Winnow, the team at Novotel Warsaw Centrum has reduced their food waste by over 50%. The equivalent of saving 11 tonnes of food from getting wasted.

Watch the video below to find out how these results were made:

  • Food waste cut by 55%
  • €18,000 saved in reduced food costs
  • 27,000 meals a year saved from being thrown away

The Accor hotel in the Polish capital has committed to various sustainability issues for many years and has never stopped pushing boundaries.

Ambitious goals by 2020, include its commitment to reduce food waste by 30%. To achieve this, they brought Winnow to Novotel Warsaw to help the team cut food waste and become more efficient and sustainable.

Winnow has transformed our kitchen and helped us reduce food waste by over 50%. We kept our breakfast buffet, but now, we serve multiple dishes in individual portions to avoid waste.”

– Jakub Emanuel Malec, Executive Chef, Novotel Warsaw Centrum

Food waste is a major and costly issue for Poland. The country wastes an average of 8.9 million tonnes of food every year. The amount of wasted food in Poland represents almost 60% of the value of Polish food exports from 2016. This issue implies a range of negative effects, including a great economic loss and environmental loss.

But, the example from Novotel Warsaw Centrum shows that the Polish hospitality sector is becoming more aware of the consequences of food waste and is looking for ways to reduce it.

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