Video: Hospitality in the University of Cambridge

Working in Hospitality at the Cambridge Colleges

Recruitment is currently difficult in the hospitality industry. Businesses are working hard to acquire and retain talent but in today’s climate it is challenging.
Cambridge Colleges have addressed this situation by creating this excellent video which showcases the empowered hospitality team and why they love doing what they do.

Watch the video here;

Bill Brogan, Catering and Conference Manager at St Johns College explains why they created the video:

“It was produced to try and assist with the Cambridge Colleges of the University of Cambridge Hospitality recruitment and support the retention of staff. It also helps with the perception of image, that we do procure, prepare and serve meals from the freshest ingredients and to the highest standards. There was never an issue, with the recruitment of staff, but now with the cost of living in Cambridge and the general lack of applicants within the industry, we felt it was necessary to produce this video which was done with Campus Life from Leeds.”

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