Video: A club for anyone that wants to learn, build friendships and grow

A club for anyone that wants to learn, build friendships and grow


We possess a real belief that there is a need for a new approach to support the development of emerging talent and to give a voice to young talent that is beginning to break through. Many of the more traditional structures and processes are not quite working and the desire from many is for a club that is global, informal and offers learning from new sources and other industries.

To this end we are bringing a wide range of proven experts from other professions such as law, investment wealth, accountancy, consultancy and also top level sporting professionals together who all bring a different thought process and approach to help support the thinking of emerging professionals.

We have over 25 leading sporting players that now work with us and who want to help offer their advice and mentorship. From the worlds of Rugby, Swimming, Athletics, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Football, Cricket and Sailing.

The Emerging Leaders Club is a professional network that does bring emerging talent together and can support their growth through building friendships and meeting new people from the industry and other sectors/professions. Members are being drawn from all across the globe and will offer new and exciting opportunities for members to find new friendships and learnings from all markets

To enquire about membership please contact:

Kate Haywood

Lauran Bush

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