Upcoming Events – Including Hospitable Cities, Women in Business, Think Tanks and more.

Hospitable Cities

Friday 7th April at Nomura Bank 

A unique Summit exploring how the hospitality industry drives tourism and the ‘welcome’ in cities. Five core topics will be discussed and debated – Innovation, Sport, Security, Sustainability and Lifestyle. Key speakers will share knowledge, questions will be asked on how to be hospitable, what’s the commercial impact and how do we attract people. A learning experience with strong networking value and thought leadership.

Being World Class. Being Truly Hospitable

£150 plus vat per person for bookings made before the end of February 2017. Usual price of £250 plus vat per person.

To book please contact Lauran.Bush@epmagazine.co.uk


Dinner at The May Fair

Thursday 6th April at The May Fair Hotel

A world class dinner is taking place the night before the Hospitable Cities Summit. Join us and our esteemed International speakers for a unique evening of networking with key industry leaders while enjoying the renowned hospitality of one of London’s leading hotels.

Tickets £80 plus vat per person.

To book please contact Lauran.Bush@epmagazine.co.uk


Women in Business

Thursday 30th March at Sky Bar, Grange Hotel St. Pauls

Celebrating women within the hospitality industry. An evening of fine food, quality speakers, valuable networking opportunities and essential conversation.

Sometimes considered a challenging subject EP wants to celebrate, inspire, bring together, discuss and even debate. The evening includes key speakers from across the industry who will share their inspiring stories. There is great work taking place, but is there action needed? Some voices are not being heard.

£95 plus vat per person

To book please contact Ben.Butler@epmagazine.co.uk


Think Tank

Topic: The Fear of Failure – The Importance of freeing up talent to take risks.

Thursday 16th March – Central London

This think tank is the first in a series and it is aimed to support the development of original thinking and engagement in thought leadership among peers and across generations.
Attending these events will support the development of:

  • Lateral thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Adapting to and managing change
  • Networking and communication
  • Presenting a clear vision
  • Building trusted business relationships

£35 plus vat per person for the event

£400 plus vat per person for yearly membership



The Changing Habits of Food Consumption


Thursday 23rd March – Central London

The next intriguing topic in the series of thought provoking events sponsored by IndiCater.

The consumer now has a wealth of choice from the food offering. As the world has sped up, the industry has had to adapt to keep the pace and ensure the F&B is of the quality and meets the food trends both desired and required. This breakfast session event will include thought provoking stories from across the hospitality sector and offers the chance to network with peers.

Free to attend. Limited numbers.

To book please contact Ben.Butler@epmagazine.co.uk


Sustainability Forum

Topic: Food Waste from a different perspective

Thursday 30th March – Central London

Sponsored by Winnow. Sustainability is no longer a periphery activity, it is fundamental to both customer engagement, community engagement and recruitment and retention of the best talent. Across the industry there are examples of both established and new organisations who are thinking differently and finding new solutions to answer both changing consumer needs and the evolving value sets of both this group and their employees.

We will explore the impacts of these changing needs and get insight from leading players in the importance of Food Waste inclusion in sustainable strategies.

To book please contact Natalia.latorre@epmagazine.co.uk


“Taste of Canada”

Monday, 27th February 2017 – AVEQIA
From 12:30pm to 5pm

Experience a unique international trade opportunity. Organised by the Government of British Columbia (B.C.) in partnership with the High Commission of Canada, this event will enable you to taste some of Canada’s finest seafood, fresh produce, and high-end speciality products, prepared by chef Nathan Fong from Vancouver.

Meet suppliers from Canada to learn more about the quality and flavour of their products and enjoy a sampling of Canadian wines.

To book please contact ltodd@britishcolumbia.ca


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