Uncut and in Conversation with – Vincent Efferoth, co-founder of NOVELTEA – alcoholic tea drinks

EP were delighted to talk with Vincent Efferoth who with his friend, Lukas Passia founded the award winning alcoholic tea company NOVELTEA.

This story started on the terraces of St. James’ Park (Newcastle United Football Stadium), where Lukas and Vincent first met in 2015. As two Germans studying at Newcastle University, they soon became close friends and started experimenting in their kitchen. With a love of tea and an appreciation for alcohol, the decision to join the two was the only logical outcome.The company was launched in 2016 and was the first to cold brew and infuse tea with a matching spirit.

Their unique range which is inspired by their travels and the associated stories, have gone from strength to strength. With appearances on the Dragons Den (UK and German version), impressive Great Taste Awards and a recent investment raise of £1.4m to help them further expand their business – what is next?

How will they use their investment? Will Brexit impact them adversely? Is it true that Millennials are drinking less? What are their aspirations for the future and how has the pandemic impacted on them as entrepreneurs and on them as a young business?

Really interesting conversation and product – well worth a listen.