Uncut and in Conversation with – TravelBoom 2021

We were delighted to be interviewed by TravelBoom 2021 for their feature on the importance of Staycations. The aim of the show is to share knowledge and to help build confidence within the general public to continue to support the hospitality and hotel industries within the UK and beyond.

With much of the hospitality industry suffering their worst year to date and some just coming out of the most recent lockdown, it is essential for travelers to continue to embrace the staycation market and support local hotels. Many hotels are often the centre of communities, and this continued support not only supports the hotel but also supports local producers, farms and provides much needed employment opportunities for many within those communities.

Hospitality has actively embraced innovation and the thinking necessary to ensure safe and enjoyable staycation experiences. The industry just needs the consumer to continue their support and therefore ultimately provide a renewed sense of hope for the future for the Industry.

Thank you to TravelBoom 2021 for their support and the opportunity.