Uncut and in Conversation with – Tim Widdowson and Matt Freer, Founders of The Culture Experiment

There is little doubt that one of the major challenges facing most businesses lies in how they engage teams who will often be working virtually away from offices.

The Culture Experiment was founded by Tim Widdowson and Matt Freer to inspire the way we work, live & engage audiences. The two have a passion for the need for stronger cultures, greater trust and communication plus the need for us to continuously learn, but in an engaging fashion.

In these times of unprecedented change, success comes not from what we know, but how willing we are to learn. When we’re all inventing the ‘new normal’, there are no right answers – just informed hunches, bold ideas, and the courage to act on them.

Their aim?
To reinvent how we all think about engagement through events and our how we communicate. They will say that they will bring you the latest in evidence-based hypotheses and generate practical experiments to teams and people in business to help make them more energized, agile, collaborative and resilient. They share the big new ideas – and small stunning insights – to help you collaborate and create brilliantly together.