Uncut and in Conversation with – the next generation of young talent – supported by UKCC

The industry has long had a great legacy of providing young talent with the opportunity to build new lives and professional excellence from whichever background one may come from.

EP has long argued that Hospitality is a true meritocracy where talent does have a loud voice.

We were therefore delighted to interview three young talents from very different backgrounds on their experiences and thoughts about the industry.

All three come from different backgrounds but have an important story to tell. Each has been an inspiration in their own right.
Sarwaan Choudhury – at 18, was the youngest Indian takeaway owner in the UK and who plays an active role within his community in Hertfordshire.
Sazkar Shawnim – who came to the UK in 2008 from Kurdistan and has worked hard to build a career as a chef.
Mahin Ahmed – a recent graduate from Oxford Brookes who played an active role in building a voice for British-Asian hospitality at University.

Please listen to their accounts and stories, it does provide inspiration.