Uncut and in Conversation with – Steven Pike – HGEM

We have spoken with food service operators, hoteliers, restaurateurs and city clients about their experiences, knowledge share and thoughts for the future but what is the consumer thinking and feeling?

HGEM has and continues to undertake research with consumer and client groups during this time and it has resulted in some fascinating insight. EP was excited to speak to Steven Pike of HGEM to find out more.

What does the consumer need to enable them to feel safe and turn into a return guest? What does the consumer expect from operators during this time? How can businesses embrace the substantial opportunities which exist and how can businesses include and empower their staff in embracing this fast moving trial and error environment? What about brands – and can business embrace the rising importance of localism and make that part of their new brand identity to inspire, engage and create a new dialogue with the consumer?

A great conversation well worth a listen where these and many more thoughts are explored.