Uncut and In Conversation with – Paul Fletcher MBE – Football and the future of stadia

Paul Fletcher has an unique perspective as he is a former player (from the 1970s), a Chief Executive of clubs and has been involved in the planning and development of stadiums. He has seen first hand how football has changed and has a clear vision for how stadia have to also change and become genuine centres of the community, surrounded by shops, universities, schools and offices – a far cry from the old days when a football stadium sat on the edge of cities and towns.

Stadia have changed so much in the last twenty years and it is an industry that is changing at speed as it becomes ever more global. What is the future?

Paul is best known as a footballer from his days at Burnley and he is remembered for scoring Burnley’s goal of the decade against the great Leeds Utd. team in 1974. He then worked his way up in commercial management and was part of the team who helped build the new Wembley Stadium.

Paul has a lot of knowledge to share and he is a naturally engaging character who is honest and open. An interview well worth a listen.