Uncut and in Conversation with – Michael Gray, UK Chair of European Hotel Managers Association

With the PM due to announce the plans for a road out of lockdown next week and having 332 days since the first one, EP were delighted to talk with Michael Gray on his thoughts for the future being a passionate ex-hotelier, organisation chair and hospitality industry champion.

How difficult will it be for leaders to re-engage their staff after many have spent such a long time on furlough? Government support has been greatly appreciated but what does the industry need as it slowly rebuilds? Hospitality and food service have had an improved profile during this pandemic as it is the one industry which sits at the heart of all communities but how do we use this time to attract new talent?

Collaboration and knowledge share has never been more important to help rebuild businesses. EHMA as a community continues to successfully create a network for hotel managers from around the globe to help support each other, their hotels and the local communities within which they find themselves – a great example of and for our industry.

A very interesting discussion well worth a listen.