Uncut and in Conversation with – Jonny Stevens and betterwithout.app

Young Entrepreneurs – seeing talent take a chance

Maybe one of the most important developments of this period has been the emergence of a number of young entrepreneurs who bring new ideas, passion and innovation to market at this most strange of times.

EP has long argued that the economy needs a flourishing market where entrepreneurs can thrive and prosper as this is a key driver to the economy.
One such example is Jonny Stevens who is about to launch a new app which is designed to promote and educate on excellent non-alcoholic beverages.

The world is changing and it is well known that many in the emerging generations are choosing to drink far less than previous generations. At the same time the quality of product has progressed to a high level and the dynamics of this market have changed.

It is also encouraging to see young characters, such as Jonny, ready to take a risk, ready to challenge themselves and possess the confidence to start up a business. In the following interview, Jonny talks about his rationale, his career, and his aspirations for what can be achieved.

We hope you enjoy the interview.