Uncut and in Conversation with -John Stevenson – Launching Zero Procure

John built an excellent reputation, within industry circles, whilst building ACT Clean which he led through an MBO in 2017 and departed in late 2019.

Now he is opening a new chapter with the launch of Zero Procure along with Clive Sheppard (Formerly of The Dorchester Group) and Lucy Flinter (Formerly IHG). What is the business about? What are their aspirations? How hard has it been to launch a business during the challenges of 2020?

The model for Zero Procure is interesting as it does challenge the established models and place, at the heart, trust and relationships, not just with Zero Procure but between operators and suppliers.

The team are also aiming to launch a charitable foundation to help entrepreneurial businesses – they have the drive and ambition to make a difference.