Uncut and in Conversation with – John Murphie, COO, Independent School Bursars Association

Debate over schools has been at the heart over much discussion surrounding the pandemic. There is quite a debate raging over the impact that learning virtually has had on both children and on parents but also the challenge of preparing the young for life post school. It is not getting any easier and the pressure on Bursars must be increasing.

John Murphie talks through the above but also provides an insight into how the pandemic has impacted on schools, on leadership and explains why he does have great hope for the future in the hands of the young talent breaking through.

John also understands the importance of food service in schools and the role it can play in the welfare and health of the young. He is an advocate for greater education, understanding and quality.

Regardless of which sector or industry you are from, this is a conversation about the young and the future. We introduce you to John Murphie, COO, ISBA