Uncut and in conversation with Jeroen Van de Rijt, author, and consultant Best Value Group

Talking Vested and how it operates in the public sector

Jeroen is considered a thought-leader on Best Value in the Netherlands. He is co-author of the Dutch standard text book on Best Value (“Prestatieinkoop”). This book was on the longlist for “Management book of the year” (2011). In 2013 the 3rd edition was published.

Jeroen has extensive experience (70 + projects) in both the public and private sector. His work with the Fast Track project team of Rijkswaterstaat can be seen as the breakthrough for the Best Value approach in the Netherlands.

This project also led to Rijkswaterstaat winning the Dutch Sourcing Awards in 2012. Next to that, Jeroen was the first to introduce Best Value in numerous sectors; he is a pioneer in e.g. the IT sector (Dutch Tax Office), the social domain (municipality of Rotterdam) and the health care sector (Zilveren Kruis Achmea).