Uncut and in conversation with – Jayne Jones

Food Service has really stepped forward and collaborated during Covid-19 as we fight food insecurity, obesity and support mental health & well being

Jayne Jones is the Chair of Assist FM; the voice of Scottish Local Authorities and as such has both a national perspective as well as a strong local perspective. She is also Commercial Manager for Argyll & Bute Council.

It is very clear that Jayne has a strong belief and passion for the great work that food service, within the public sector is doing in supporting communities all across Scotland during this time.

During the following interview she talks of the challenges faced by many children facing food insecurity; the challenges of mental health, the challenge of combating obesity and creating greater health among the young. She also talks with great pride of the work undertaken by her teams during this period and her hopes for the future. She talks of how communities have come together, bonded and are stronger as a result of collaboration.

An insightful and passionate interview well worth listening to.