Uncut and in Conversation with – Inga Hjartardottir – An Icelandic Perspective

Inga Hjartardottir has most recently been working on global tourism projects and has a long track record of working within many leading Hospitality operations including spells at Sandals Resorts, and in the opening of the ACE hotel in London.

During lockdown Inga spent much time back in Iceland, the country of her birth. We were interested to explore with Inga the contrast in perspectives that she found from spending some significant time back in Iceland. How did they view the crisis? What were their thoughts on the future?

Iceland has faced quite a period from its great economic successes in the 00s to the collapse of its banks in the great crash, the Volcano eruption in 2010 to its growth in tourism in recent years.

Inga talks of how the country has responded to all the above challenges and talks of the lessons learnt during this period.