Uncut and in conversation with Hattie Mauleverer

Hattie has endured a difficult time last year having to watch her company built up over 18 years fall and as a result she has campaigned for greater government support for the events sector. A naturally reserved character became a figurehead for the sector. 2020 was to test Hattie on many levels and now, in 2021, she is partnering with EP to launch a new service to once again promote events and to work with clients to organise and manage events all across the country and beyond.

Hattie’s story, as she recounts it during the interview, is one where she has walked her own path. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and great characters, she built a steely, determined nature which saw her found her own events business after just a couple of years working within it. She is just one of those people never to be underestimated.

Most who meet Hattie will talk of her natural character and how they trust in her. She has that ability to connect and for Hattie, she is motivated by bringing together diverse talents, to collaborate and be part of something which is bigger than just her. However, often, she is the conductor who is quietly influential in ensuring that all goes well.

We are excited and delighted to be building a new service with Hattie. We believe that the events sector will bounce back in Q4 and that 2022 will see a year which really does boom once again with new and great events being hosted.

If you would like any further information please do get in touch.