Uncut and in Conversation with – Gary King. Talking sport, kitchens and hospitality

Gary is well known as a long and well established recruiter within hospitality but there is so much more to his story. Many of his closest friends are some of the leading sports players from the last three decades; sports players who have been the idols of many.

He is a trusted friend, their confidant and companion. Moreover, he is one of the very few who are always happy to go back onto the floor and work hard. In the London Olympics, he worked under Angela Hartnett in her kitchen. During many of the great sporting events, Gary will be found working in a kitchen at Twickenham or Ascot; and during Covid, he was delivering food to many hospitals around London.

He is one of those very real, genuine characters who simply loves hospitality as much as he loves sport. He does walk the talk where it matters and during the week, loves little more than representing many of the industry great talents and advising on their careers.

Gary has actively supported EP in our work advocating the need to learn lessons from sport in the development of new leaders. He understands how much can be learnt from both arenas – sport and hospitality. So how does he see the future? How has Covid-19 impacted on him and how will he change as a result?