Uncut and in Conversation with – Chris Penn, Co-founder of the new Birch Hotel

Chris has long been one of the fascinating leaders in hospitality; having swam the English Channel in 2015, completed many Iron mans and having opened the ACE Hotel in Shoreditch very successfully. Four years ago, he left ACE to found his own hotel group.

One can easily argue that Birch is a product in tune with this moment. It is almost as though the stars aligned but of course the journey and building was far more testing and difficult.

In the following interview, Chris talks through the journey; the mental challenges, the change in strategy, how he has found business partnership and how together they founded one of the most exciting new concepts to emerge in recent times.

For any budding entrepreneur or hotelier, this is an interview worth listening to. Chris is, as always, remarkably candid and self-depreciating. It is a great story and the interview does touch on deeper issues that many would be uncomfortable to discuss. All credit to Chris for his approach, honesty and for what he has helped build.